Moscow in a week


I spent the first week of 2019 in Moscow, Russia. It was my first visit to Russia. I don’t know much about it. All I know about Russia that Mafias everywhere, very cold, Vodka,  supporting the Syrian regime to kill the Syrian people, nuclear missiles, and they do not like America, and America does not like them.
I decided to go to Moscow visiting my little brother, who is studying medicine at Moscow University. Frankly, I had a great time. So I will share with you, in brief, my observation, and experience.

  • They do not speak much English, but they will try to understand you. In hotels and museums, there are those who speak English.
  • Russians love to visit churches a lot. I visited many churches, and it was not Sunday, but there were lots of locals there especially women.
  • Their churches do not have seats to sit and listen to the service, but people remain standing. It surprised me, and I learned that this is in all the Orthodox Churches.
  • They Love tea.
  • The food is delicious and variety of cuisines. The most famous dessert dish is honey cake. Try it at Sixty bar or El Gauchito restaurant.img_0077.jpg
  • Everything is generally cheap regarding food, public transportation, clothing and beauty salons.
  •  The widespread public transport is the metro but it is hard to use, no Info in English and nobody speaks English in case you need to ask for help. So it is better to use Yandex.Taxi app, it is like Uber. Still, you can use Uber but not accurate like Yandex.

My trip to Moscow was short, and I could not visit all the tourist places. But these places I visited and I advise you to visit:

  • If you are in the red square, you will be visited three places at the same time (Red Square, The Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral). The red square has the best shopping malls and stores, five-star hotels and best Cafes and restaurants.img_0083.jpg
  • There are two shopping centers you must visit in Moscow.  The Tsom and Gum combine all the international brands and local Russian brands. Don’t forget to try the Russian Ice cream at the Gum.img_0089.jpg
  • The Bunker-42 cold war museum was built in 1950  for any nuclear attack. It has 18 floors beneath Moscow.

Moscow is a very modern and beautiful city, and the Chrismas decorations were so gorgeous. I was delighted with my trip to Moscow. But the last minute at Vunkovo airport when I was saying goodbye to my brother, someone stole my iphone from my handbag and the police was not helpful.




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