Victoria’s Secret in Saudi Arabia- How on earth did that happen?

VS at the Kingdoom Centre mall,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This photo was published on National Geography and made a fuss between mockery and exclamation.

The comments on this image made me realize the superficial thinking of many people, and we are still living in a world no one wants to understand the other or at least accept it as it is. Here is my response to the image and some comments:

  • “Why even have this store if no one can see shit”  Why do you want to see a “ Shit”, she is not your woman. It is masculine thinking about women that she must show her body to men lustful.  FYI all Women have the freedom to cover or show their body if they are in Saudi Arabia, America or anywhere else in the world. FYI not matter if the woman is Muslim, Jewish, Christian or other beliefs; still, she has the right to choose what to do with her body.
  • “What are they going to buy at VS?” Let me surprise you that the veiled women in black also wear lingerie. Who told you that lingerie is a monopoly on women of a particular country or a specific religion, do you think that women are naked under the abaya. Abaya is a very light dress worn over regular cloths when women  go out in public.
  • There is no link between underwear and outerwear that was abaya or jeans. No woman is going to buy lingerie from VS to walk down the street naked and only wearing VS bra and pants. I lived in America for five years and did not see a single woman walking in the street showing off her Victoria secrets underwear. It’s just insane when it comes to veiled women. Please Stop seeing woman as an object and  dress her as men wish.


Saudi Saleswoman in a Lingerie shop.


After all You do not know what Saudi women were going through to get some of their rights and still fighting to claim the rest, just like all the women in the world. Every woman in the world lives in a different culture than others, so they have  different challenges than the other women. The women who were standing in front of VS are the saleswomen and must pay tribute to them. Five years ago in Saudi Arabia , women were not allowed to work at shops as saleswomen and were only men work in women’s clothing stores. Now all women’s clothing stores and cosmetics are managed entirely by women.

This black dress or abaya  is only worn in public places,  women  dont wear it at home at all. This gown is an outerwear garment like a jacket.

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